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Experiential meeting with yourself

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Your busy life brought you maybe by happening on this coaching website. Another one amongst hundreds or thousands of other coaching sites, you might say.

But if you are here, why wouldn’t allow yourself a moment to spin your options and choose to have a reality-check exercise? Take this moment and think about the pause between words, between your thoughts. How does this sound for you? What color does this moment have for you? What is the texture? Take a deep breath, feel the air in your nose, see what’s around you and move on. How do you feel now?

Go back to your life and decide if you want to try again this privilege of taking a quick snapshot of your reality.

I am Elisabeta Angelescu, career and life coach and I am the catalyzer for experiential moments of yourself.

Moments when you can learn slowing down, create pauses from a crowded life and bring space between your thoughts. Moments that can help you getting clarity about your life or career goals, choose to create the best of you path and go back in life more efficient, productive, refresh minded and happy.

Elisabeta Angelescu 2

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes” 

                                                                                 (C.G. Jung)



Choose to Stay Wonderful!

Your goal = Our mission

Here, at Inception Best of You, we help creating pauses for bringing inner space where you can choose to stay Wonderful!

Through career and life coaching, training and consultancy solutions, or wellbeing services, we support the inception for best of you version.

Make Goals Reality Home
Best of You Path is at one click distance. Are you ready to give it a try?

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