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Your Life Satisfaction Score is 48 to 60: Highly Satisfied

If you scored in the range from 48 to 60, it seems you are highly satisfied with what is currently going on in your life.

You are amongst the lucky ones who believe that life is a gift of valuable experiences, therefore, you will keep an open mind and invite new experiences in your life. Always optimistic, a half-empty glass will be for you a half-full glass. Your intuition helps you finding meaning in all experiences that life brings to you, having a permanent sense of pleasure, satisfaction and joy. Very empathetic, you are able to feel and connect with everyone around you without judgment, which helps you building a rich social life. Driven by the idea that everyone and everything shapes who you are, you are able to co-create your life experiences. You know yourself and your value and that triggers an important amount of positivity in your life. That might bring you having your dream career, aligned with your values, talents and abilities.

Driven by the feeling that that everything that happens is part of the grand scheme of things, however, you might be perceived sometimes as not being grounded and you might take high risks.

Getting support for becoming more grounded, you can balance your intuition with logic and emotions, developing boundaries and awareness around where your emotions end and where other people emotions start.

This way, you can enjoy a purposeful and meaningful life at the fullest!