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Your Life Satisfaction Score is 24 to 35: Moderately satisfied

If you scored in the range from 24 to 35, it seems you are moderately satisfied with what is currently going on in your life.

People getting this score at Life satisfaction are driven by the philosophy of “things are good enough”. In order to defend this contentment of good enough in their lives, they rationalize a lot, finding ways to cope with life events, explaining away feelings of resentment or stress, disappointment.

They can accept the others as they are, without trying to change them, however, sometimes, deep, meaningful relationships might be difficult to be developed. They will experience certain levels of stress whenever things go wrong for them. They are maximizers of the life situations they are facing, taking responsibility for getting things done and they are usually very efficient in their jobs, no matter if they like it or not.

Being successful in building a lot of coping mechanisms, they will be able to suppress feelings and prevent real growth by avoiding pain.

Therefore, trying to move forward, they respond rather with logic than with emotions to situations. In this effort to move things ahead, underlying issues may go unaddressed, which can drive them to the situation of having that dissatisfaction with life feeling.

Getting support to start connecting emotionally to their goals and moving from the head to the heart, could open an entire range of possibilities for growth, enjoyment and living life at the fullest.