"I feel, therefore I am."

Milan Kundera

"I feel, therefore I am."

Milan Kundera

What is Wellbeing?

A concept used so much lately that it started to lose its initial meaning, well-being was defined in so many ways that proves the richness of this state of mind.

We have chosen to stop to one definition that brings the Wellbeing equation in simple terms of “feeling good and functioning well”. (Ruggeri, K., Garcia-Garzon, E., Maguire, Á. et al., 2020)

Here, at Inception Best of You (IBY), we see the wellbeing through holistic lens, in which body and mind are interrelated, motion and emotion are entwined, feelings and moves are connected.

Using different techniques brought from Dance&Movement Psychotherapy or Yoga combined with wellbeing coaching principles, we can help you finding balance and purpose by improving the relationship with your body and building a mindset focused on healthy habits.

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IBY Wellbeing principles

The body has its own wisdom.

Listen to your body: it has so many things to tell you!

Move your body and you’ll move your emotions. That might bring the change you need.

Who can benefit by IBY Wellbeing services?

If you feel stressed, fatigued or you have sleep troubles, you lately gained/lost weight or if you have a lack of motivation and vitality, we can support you with tailored solutions that help enhance self-regulation, navigate the journey of change and increase the motivation to make positive lifestyle changes.

Corporate custom made solutions that address employees wellbeing, are available based on request.

WHAT will you get?

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Self-awareness increase by connecting to the body signals

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Nervous system regularization which allows an increased sense of calm

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Coping skills enhancement by understanding movement preferences to explore strengths, signals of stress, distress and triggers

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