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Your Life Satisfaction Score is 36 to 47: Satisfied

If you scored in the range from 36 to 47, it seems you are satisfied with what is currently going on in your life.

People with this Life Satisfaction score are driven by an inner need of connection and care for the others, with a satisfying social life. Gratitude and trust are often the feelings experienced by them. Being so nurturing for the others, What can I do for you might be be the most often used phrase. Without ability to set clear boundaries for themselves, they will be put all energy on behalf of others’ support, being are at risk of compromising their own wellbeing.

They might see life as being full of opportunities, having the feeling they are in control and finding meaning in all challenges.

People with this Life Satisfaction score will tend to have a satisfying career that will help them using a large specter of abilities and talents.

Being able to see so many options, they might get stuck though in moving to action, becoming paralyzed by analysis.

Getting help for start exploring to their own needs, learning to take care more about themselves and to set healthy boundaries, as well as overcoming the paralysis by analysis feeling will help people with this Life Satisfaction level to live a healthy, meaningful, accomplished life.