The road from Wish to Will

– From goals to action plans –

You might sometimes have the will to achieve a certain objective in your life but you somehow feel that you do not have the energy to move forward.

You might feel that will might not be enough to get out of a difficult situation. You feel, therefore, stuck in the story with things that apparently do not move in your life, no matter how willing you are. And then you might feel exhausted by arriving again and again to the point of knowing exactly what you need to do and yet, you do not take action. The more you push the will button, the more you postpone the action to the “WILL” time, feeling overwhelmed by the accumulation of the “will do” list.

I accomplished many things in life using my will. Until one moment when that was not enough anymore.

Using my Will without understanding what I Wish, cost me a lot! At that point, I realized that as long as I am not aware of my real needs, of my real wishes, will is not enough.

Will without WISH, lies in the land of must. A land of constraints, imposing, in which we just try to fit in the norm.

Will, backed up by Wish, opens up an entire world of CHOSE TO! A world of possibilities, of options that open new doors!

So, how do we move from Wish to Will? How do we even become aware of our wishes, when everything seems to be blocked in a mountain of catabolic energy?

Based on psychotherapeutic fields observations, it seems that being in touch with our feelings helps us to unblock and become aware of the wishes.

Once we have this experience of identifying the wish, we can talk about decision, about choices. Only at this point we can talk about moving to action.

According to Irvin D. Yalom, well-known American psychotherapist, “Decision is the bridge between wish and action.” (Existential Psychotherapy – 1980 – by Yalom Family Trust)

In other words, deciding is key in a successful self-actualization process that can help you to move forward the action.

Then, why still sometimes seems to be so difficult to make decisions and follow through?

It seems that any decision implies a renouncement. For saying yes to something, we need to say no to something else. And sometimes it can be so difficult to make this choice!

The good news is, if you are ready to give it a try, you are not alone. Partnering with a coach could be a solution which can help you unlock untapped resources.

Are you ready to take that leap? Let’s talk about.

Elisabeta Angelescu

Career and Life Coach