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Your Life Satisfaction Score is 12 to 23: Very Unsatisfied

If you scored in the range from 12 to 23, it seems you are substantially dissatisfied with what is currently going on in your life.

At the low end of this score, people might be at the effect of certain events, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and perceptions that hold you back from success. This level of life satisfaction might come with thoughts and feelings of guilt, fear, worry, self-doubt, and low self- esteem. At this level, people feel as they have a lack of choice or options. Individuals might feel trapped by certain circumstances or believe that they are, in some way, at the effect of what happens around them. This level of Life satisfaction can result in avoidance of situations or difficult issues, and also, getting upset or disappointed when things go wrong. Their engagement at work might be very low.

At the high end of the score, if exposed to long term stressful situations, people might experience anger as a core emotion, arriving often in conflictual situations. Core thoughts might be around antagonism, struggle, resistance, frustration, and defiance. Everything tends to be viewed as black or white, right or wrong, good or bad. For people with this level of life satisfaction, being right might be at times important to them. This might impact their working and personal relationships.

For moving to another level of life satisfaction, if your score is towards the low end, you might wish to consider maybe finding someone who can hold the space for you, with whom you can share your concerns. Starting to understand and recognize your needs, reframing past experiences, creating time for working on your well-being levels can help you moving in the right direction.

If your score is on the high end, you might wish to consider manners for becoming aware of your emotions and take responsibility for your thoughts/feelings/reactions. Getting help for coping better with past and current circumstances will help you rationalizing the perspective on the situations you encounter and will move you from the past to the present.

Always remember that change is in your hands!